Dear J is a 2008 Independent Film drama by CubeCity Entertainment. Directed by Roberto Munoz and Mann Munoz. The film is the story of an evangelist who admits himself to a psychiatric institution after the death of his agnostic girlfriend.


Dear J is about an evangelist, James Jamisin (Joseph Halsey), who must cope with the unexpected death of his agnostic girlfriend: Paige (Maya Serhan). To sort things out, James admits himself into Logous Psychiatric Institute, where he replays a make-believe Trial in his mind over and over again. The Trial is presided over by a no-nonsense imaginary Judge (played by Karen Lynn Gorney) and is animated by an array of off-the-wall characters. Some of the witnesses called to the stand are inspired by real-life individuals, like the literary scholar and apologist C.S. Lewis (Patrick Mitchell). Throughout the movie, his psychologist, Dr. Frolick (Allison Lane) tries to get him to open the letter Paige wrote to him just before her death—a letter he has been carrying around and refuses to read. Trouble brews when the head of the institute, Dr. Donovin (Carson Grant), plans on foiling all attempts to bring James to a resolution.

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    director Roberto Muñoz
    editor Miq Munoz
    genre drama
    keywords animate c.s. lewis unexpected death
    musicBy Miq Munoz
    producer Roberto Muñoz
    theme independent