Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs

is a 1974 Japanese Toei's "pinky violence" style of pink film. Directed by Yukio Noda. Based on Tōru Shinohara's manga "Zeroka no Onna".


Division 0 is a secret department that does not belong to any of the Investigation Divisions at the Police Department. Rei was a detective of Division 0, but she was sent to jail for killing a person who killed her close friend. Kyoko, daughter of the next prime minister's candidate, Zengo Nagumo, has been kidnapped. Rei is released on condition that she helps Kyoko safely.

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    director Yukio Noda
    genre crime
    keywords kidnap kill police department prime minister
    musicBy Shunsuke Kikuchi
    publisher Toei Company
    theme japanese pink